Fish Fertiliser for Plants

Fish Fertiliser for Plants

Fish solutions have long been synonymous with natural gardening practices. They are a popular liquid solution used on vegetables, fruit trees and ornamental plants with the benefits of nutrients, amino acids and assisting beneficial microbes on the plants and in the soil.

NTS fish fertilisers are a completely natural source of macro/micronutrients, fatty acids and amino acids. While they provide your plants with valuable organic growth-promoting materials and nutrients, they also utilise a valuable resource that would otherwise be wasted.

Essentially there are two types of fish-based products in the NTS range, the difference being in the manufacture process of the raw material:

  1. Fish emulsions are made by cooking fish meal and separating off most of the fish oil and some solids, then boiling it to a concentrate. The final product is somewhat thick, has a high N analysis (because it has been concentrated with heat treatment) and has a portion of fish solids remaining in suspension.

  2. Fish hydrolysate is produced by a cold enzymic process, where some of the proteins are broken down into amino acids. Hydrolysate generally retains more of the oil fraction and the end product contains many biological components, such as vitamins, carbohydrates, beneficial microbes etc., that are lost with heat treatment. As the product is not concentrated by boiling, it has a lower N analysis compared to fish emulsion.

NTS stocks both types of fish fertilisers, detailed below with links.

Fish Emulsion Products:

Fish Hydrolysate Products:

The products mentioned above are a great way to stimulate your soil microbes and improve soil and plant health. Not only are they are an excellent addition to the soil, the liquid fish products are also of great benefit in foliar sprays.

If you are interested in further information on how to improve your soil and plant health, please check out the educational courses we offer here.

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