Soil as Medicine

Soil as Medicine

During my diverse travels and research I am constantly seeking new tools to improve the lives and productivity of food producers. There is compelling research to suggest that soil is more than just the fragile layer that produces our food. It is also good for us in other ways.

Soil Life Boosts Your Life

I have always felt at peace with the world when surrounded by the sweet smell of healthy soil, with the sun on my shoulder and the sweat on my brow. I figured that my meditative gardening vibe related to communing with nature, but who would have thought that it could have a microbial link? It now seems that growers have yet another motivation to restore their soil life with Nutrition Farming® strategies. Healthy, living soils contain thousands of different species of bacteria and several of these are important for our own health and happiness. Look after your soil and it will look after you, in many unexpected ways.

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